Kaivopuisto Park

Hello! We have had yet another incredible week, here in Finland. It is starting to feel tropical in here. The recent weather gave me an idea to write about my favourite park in the city to cool down and relax. I can’t think of a better place for a picnic or an ice cream by the sea. Kaivopuisto is quite a sizeable park in the centre of Helsinki. On the edge of the park there are plenty of restaurant’s and cafes where you can stop and admire the seaview. Let me take you for a walk…


The area around Kaivopuisto is one of the most expensive places to live in Finland. Doesn’t matter which route you take, you’ll definitely see some impressive buildings, such as the one above. We walked by along the coast all the way from the market square to Kaivopuisto. This is not the quickest way, but it’s worth the extra steps.


Unfortunately as soon as we started to walk, it started to rain, but just imagine these views on a sunny day. What I love about Helsinki is that it has so many faces and because it is a small city, you can pretty much walk everywhere. Saying that, Helsinki also has one of  the best public transport systems I’ve ever seen. Just over half a million people and we have metro, trams, busses and trains taking you where ever you need to go.


At the south end of the park you can rent a bike. Kaivopuisto is not exactly Central Park in NYC, so you’ll definitely be able to explore by foot in an hour or so. It’s just the perfect size for an afternoon stroll. Not to mention,  it is hugely popular among sunbathers, who had fled the park, because of the unexpected downpour.


At the very middle of the park, there is a small hill. From the top of the hill you have nice view of the city on the other side and the sea on the other.


By the time we had reached the top the rain had stopped. From Kaivopuisto, you can take a little ferry boat to the surrounding islands, including the one on the picture.


We Finns in general, love our nature and preserving it is very important to us. Many other countries would have cut down all the trees and built sky high buildings with an incredible sea view, with a price tag to match. Thank heavens this is not the case in Finland.


In fact, the park is for all to enjoy. Even the youngest have their own little playground where they can go wild. In any city, living space is a lot smaller than in the suburbs, so this is a perfect space for city kids to run around.


I automatically associate Kaivopuisto to relaxing picnic and I just found the perfect place for it. Others come here for jogging and running, but I prefer eating. haha


If sitting between bushes is not your thing, you can head to one of the restaurants. I promise you, the views are still incredible.


And that my friends, is a little introduction to Kaivopuisto, which you have to see it for yourself. If you are in Helsinki, don’t miss it. Yes, it is just another park, but you won’t find another like it.

Next week, we are again relaxing in Helsinki, but this time in Allas Sea Pool. An incredible pool complex by the sea in the middle of the city. Make sure you follow our Rediscovering Finland Instagram and you get to see a lot more of Finland with us. We promise to take you where ever we go. Until next time my friends!

Have a great week!





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