Good morning my friends. Thank you for all your questions you have sent me. It is so much fun reading them. So please keep them coming. So let’s start with the questions

What are the best and worst things about Finland?

I didn’t need to think this for a second. The absolute worst thing about Finland is mosquitoes and horseflies. I can’t tell you how much I hate them. They are absolutely everywhere and you just can’t get away from them. You kind of get used to mosquito bites but horsefly bites hurt for days.  The best thing has to be the nature, the quietness, the cleanliness… I could go on and on…


What time does it get dark?

Good question. Right now it doesn’t really get dark. The sun sets for few hours but it is not dark by any means. I usually go to sleep before midnight and it feels like going to sleep at 8am. I remember when Salvo first came to Finland, some 7 years ago, he found it fascinating. Now we are so used to it, that we don’t even notice it anymore.


Have you seen any wild animals?

Yes. Nothing bigger than a deer though. We had a very close call with a deer on the road and scared the living daylight out of me. One night a moose was feasting on your trees outside our bedroom window when we were asleep. I wish I had seen that. Then few weeks back two massive hawks were flying over our house. That was pretty impressive. Then obviously we have seen plenty of small animals like snakes, badgers, hares, mice, hedgehogs, squirrels and all sorts.


How is Salvo getting on?

He is loving it at the moment. He has made friends and he has settled much better than I could ever have hoped. His Finnish is improving and he is eager to use it. I always knew that he would be just fine in here. Of course winter is another matter entirely, but so far so good.


What do you do for living?

Our professional careers will remain private but I’m happy to say that Salvo is working and having the time of his life. I am taking some time off and I will start work in the Autumn.


Where do you live?

I would quite like to know the answer to this question too. haha. We are currently staying at my parents place, roughly an hour away from Helsinki. We do kind of know where we would like to live once we have got all our things in order, but I won’t reveal that just yet.


When you went to Stockholm, where did you stay?

We took a cruise and we slept two nights in our cosy cabin. We arrived to Stockholm early morning and departed again in the evening.


What is your favourite thing to do in Helsinki?

That is a very hard question to answer. I think my favourite thing to do in Helsinki is to sit in a cafe in Katajanokka for example and just watch people go by, sunbath in Allas Sea Pool and spend a relaxing afternoon in Seurasaari. Usually when I’m in Helsinki, I just hang out somewhere and take it easy, unless I’m getting material for this blog. We have recently visited both Seurasaari and Allas Sea Pool and you can find our post on Seurasaari here


What are your favourite places to visit in Finland?

Probably Lapland. It is such a magical place. I’d love to make a post about Lapland for you guys next winter. Like I’ve said many times, the nature in Finland is incredible and you don’t really get to see the best of it in Helsinki. (I have a feeling that I shouldn’t say that) You don’t need to travel to Lapland to see nature, but you do need to venture out a little bit.

Finland is full of natural parks, which is a good way to start. Nuuksio in Espoo is probably the closest one to Helsinki. It really depends on one’s interests, where one should go. If you want culture and nightlife then Turku and Tampere might be the ones to consider. Then there are plenty of charming little historic towns such as Porvoo and Rauma, which are most definitely worth a visit. Then obviously Helsinki is the place to be for a city dweller and all the shopaholics and foodies out there.


Thank you for all the questions!

Next week, we are cooking something traditional, which comes from Karelia, which is the part of Finland we lost to Russia in the war and where part of my family hails from. Karelian refugees, like my relatives, introduced many karelian dishes to the rest of the country and many of them are still being enjoyed by all Finns every week. You’ll hear more about it next week. And if you have any more questions, feel free to fire them over.

Few weeks back, we visited Moominworld in Naantali and our Instagram went wild! I think it’s fair to say you guys are interested in Moomins? I think, that is is the most fun I’ve had in a while. Hemuli and I became close friends. A full post on Moominworld is also coming soon.

Have a lovely week!

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