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Hi there,

Happy Easter! I’m writing to you from Sicily while sitting in the sun and enjoying the view of the mountains. It really doesn’t get better than this.

Back in the UK I took pictures of some Finnish items that I absolutely can’t go without. We have shipped a load of stuff over to Finland already so this is just a fraction of Finnish products I have carried here over the years.


29066885_10155355801357963_8297364301719535616_oThese two have to be the two weirdest items in the entire house, but they do keep an eye on the spare room and it makes me smile when I see them. Esi-isa toy I got few years ago for Christmas and I loved it so much and had to bring it home, and yes it took more than half of the suitcase. Moomintroll I bought in the UK. There used to be a Finnish Design shop that had the moomintroll on the display window with some Arabia moomin mugs. When the store was closing down, I went to check out the closing down sale and got chatting away with the stuff and long story short, they gave the moomintroll for me as a gift.


29062940_10155355804187963_7702444239539404800_oI have several Marimekko pouches but this one is my favourite. I use it for my earrings when I’m on holiday. The pattern is called Unikko and I think it is safe to say it is one of Marimekko’s most popular patterns. I am not quite sure where the Little My trinked box has come from but it is so good for storing stamps, memory cards, paper clips and buttons. The Little My luggage tag I bought at Helsinki Vantaa Airport and I always have it attached to my luggage. I was at an airport in Italy few years back and some 10 Japanese tourists stopped me to ask me where I had bought the luggage tag and I told them it was from Finland. I can’t even begin to describe the disappointment on their faces. They thought I might have bought it there.


29101447_10155356351617963_329324717729120256_oNormally I have loads of Finnish food in the cupboards but this time sadly not so much as our move is getting closer. I would have liked to show you tons of frozen ryebread and mountains of Fazer chocolate but instead here’s what is left… That bilberry powder is incredible! If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. I put in in porridge and smoothies and it gets a 5 star review from me. If you wonder why would anyone in the right mind bring sugar over from Finland… Well, see they don’t have that type of sugar here and pulla needs raesokeri.



29062669_10155356361222963_7963628227375661056_oRight, neither myself or my husband are big drinkers so these are mainly for entertaining purposes. I love to make my friends drink Salmiakki vodka and see the shocks in their faces when they try to gasp for air after a shot… Priceless! In Finland I don’t go near vodka. Last summer my dad was halfway making a drink for himself and I had earlier but my glass of water on the same table and of course I took his glass and downed it… My insides were burning for hours.



29342860_10155375892652963_5156833860687757312_oMy house is filled with Iittala products. I have candle holders in every colour possible and I do change them according to the season and according to my mood. Right now as you can see I have a red and white thing going on. I would have changed it to yellow for Easter but we are currently in Italy. Most of our stuff is boxed up in our spare room at the moment so I can’t show you my all time favourites, which are Aalto vases. I have them in 3 different sizes and they are fab. I am currently collecting Taika series but my collection is pretty basic right now but I’m sure this will be rectified as soon as we get to Finland. People often ask me how did we managed to bring all this glass here without braking them… Honest answer is, we have had some casualties over the years but normally everything arrives in one piece. We have had some raised eyebrows at Helsinki Vantaa Airport security when you have hundreds of pounds worth of glass wear in your handbag.


29027404_10155356347762963_6916524275876757504_oI truly truly think Lumene is an incredible cosmetics brand. I love their use of natural  and more over Nordic ingredients as well as incredible offering of natural and vegan products. I am not vegan or 100% natural cosmetics spokesperson but I do pay attention to what I put on my skin. My favourite product right now is that half used Sisu facial oil, which is incredible for my dry skin. I have only recently discovered Sisu line of products, but I’ll definitely get some more as well as their Harmonia line. Over the years I have only really had Lumene skincare products, rather than make up but I’d imagine they are pretty good too.

When I was going through my cosmetic bag, I found 5 eye serums and creams, none of which I have bought… I think my family and friends are trying to tell me something…

I’d love to know what your favourite Finnish products are so please feel free to leave a comment below. I love reading them.

Next week I’ll do a Q&A post about our move to Finland. Originally I didn’t want write about our move but I think so many of you have questions and it would be easier to address them in one post. So if you have any questions for me please leave a comment below or fill in a contact form.

Speak to you soon


2 thoughts on “Finnish Products

  1. I own marimekko and even have a green Unikko print tattooed! I too have Moomins and moomin books- even in Norwegian. I tired Lumene and thought thier products were pretty descent. As you can tell- I actually loved Finland first before the Nordic nations. I collect Finnish things…. ❤


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