What I love about Finland


Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Here we are counting down days for our big move, although a very exciting trip to Milan to watch Figure Skating World Championships is looming around the corner.

As I don’t have any quality content on Finland yet, I’ll share a little post about why I love Finland so much and effectively what factors played a part in our decision to move there. The number one reason is obviously quality of life, but below I’ve listened few things that I have started to appreciate after I had left Finland.



FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Family Holidays

Let’s get the obvious one done first. Just think how many birthdays, mother’s days, father’s days, christenings, confirmations and graduations I have missed in 10 years… Many! We are a very close family and we love spending time together. When we all get together it is so much fun. I miss my crazy family so much.



One thing many people take for granted in Finland, is the air quality. I can’t describe the feeling when the sliding doors of Helsinki Vantaa Airport open and you get to take in your first breath of clean air. Aaah!


Much love for clean H2O

Pretty much like above. Tap water in Finland tastes amazing! I don’t drink tap water in England at home, although it is drinkable. At work I drink tap water because I don’t want to be the freak who brings her own water to work. Buying water in supermarkets is firstly not good for the environment and secondly pain in the backside. In restaurants I often order sparkling water. I know tap water wouldn’t kill me but I guess it has become a bit of an obsession of mine.


Straight from the oven

Foodwise I miss rye bread the most, which is pretty common among Finns living abroad. Close second would be berries and mushrooms and reindeer meat. Then maybe Karelian pastries and Fazer chocolate. Few days ago I was graving for Taffel crisps and Rancho dip and some Finnish pick’n’mix and yes, Finland takes pick’n’mix to another level. It might be worth a post on its own. My husband absolutely loves Finnish food but many Southern Europeans seems to have this idea that the more north you travel the more disgusting the food gets… which is obviously not true.


TRAFFIC 🆘 🚗🚕🚙🚌🚗🚓🚚🏎🚛🚗

Imagine driving here

Right, I read somewhere that Finland has the most cars per capita in the world… but there is no traffic! None! Helsinki at 4pm on a Friday, 23 cars on the traffic lights heading to the motorway is considered outrageous. Love it! In December it snowed for few hours and it took us 9 hours for a round trip to Heathrow Airport, which would have taken a little over 3 hours on a normal day.




I can just hear the silence

This has puzzled me for years. Why are we so quiet? Are we shy? Aren’t there just not enough people about? No idea, but I love it. Last Christmas we were at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport waiting the board a plane to Helsinki and at the next gate the boarding was in full swing to Palermo (Sicily). My husband being Sicilian, we found the contrast between our cultures hysterical. The Sicilians were all over the place, everyone trying to get in first, opening suitcases, kids running, parents shouting, espresso cups flying, magazines thrown on the floor and just overall madness. Meanwhile at our gate, the same amount of people patiently queuing in immaculate line in complete silence. I could follow the conversation happening 200 feet away.

On a side note, no disrespect to Italians or any other nationality. I love my crazy Sicilians 💖



Yes, Finland is cold or is it? Now this will make my friends laugh. Every single time I say ‘It’s freezing’ or ‘What a horrible weather’, I get ‘Why do you complain, you are from Finland’… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on to explain that weather in Finland is actually better than in the UK. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry, my Finnish friends don’t believe it either…

Temperature for sure is lower in Finland during the winter, spring starts later and autumn earlier but the air moisture makes the temperature in the UK feel a lot colder than the same temperature would feel like in Finland. Not to mention Finland gets more sunny days and less rain. Because the changes in seasons are so dramatic it makes it all the more exciting. I love the snow in the winter, the spring flowers, the warm summers and autumn foliage. I’d take that any day over 6 months of spring and 6 months of autumn and if you are lucky, 3 days of summer every other year.

Just joking, I love the weather in the UK and its’ fifty shades of grey 😜

Oh so much love

Now, I don’t think I can handle listing everything I intended to list but few others worth mentioning are nature, sauna culture, honesty and straightforwardness, equality, lack of corruption and Sisu. If you don’t know what Sisu means, then please look it up.

This became a rather lengthy post. Next week I’ll chat to you a little bit about some Finnish items I have in the house. I’ll be writing on the go in Italy so please excuse me for any possible delays. If you are interested to see what I get up to in Italy, follow my personal Instagram account @veeramariikka and if you haven’t already followed my blog’s Instagram account, then make sure you do @rediscoveringfinlad.

Once we get to Finland, I will start posting some actual content and I have some very exciting topics coming up. My YouTube channel will launch in early May and I’m taking you to Helsinki to see something very special… So please subscribe and soon we will get started with the fun stuff.


2 thoughts on “What I love about Finland

  1. Awww I can picture the life in Finland 😍 Fresh air and water are so important. I looking forward for new posts made in Helsinki ✨

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  2. Aaah, Finnish silence. When I first came back to live in the UK i was overwhelmed by all the noise. I thought it was just me!

    Liked by 1 person

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