Welcome to Rediscovering Finland

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog Rediscovering Finland. This is a travel\ lifestyle blog dedicated to all things Finnish. Here I share my journey of rediscovering my home country after 10 long years in the UK. I’ve never actually lived in Finland as an adult, which makes things even more interesting (read: terrifying) and I get to take my Italian husband with me. You are guaranteed to get a fresh perspective on Finland, through the eyes of a native with an enthusiasm of a tourist and a complete new comer from the most Southern parts of Europe.

This blog will be written in English for practical reasons but please feel free to comment in any language. You will be able to spot the occasional slight sarcasm, which is the second most spoken language in the UK 🤪

Now, Who am I? My name is Veera Sciacca. I grew up in Southern Finland and spent over 15 years figure skating. At the age of 19 I kissed my skates goodbye and headed to the UK to get a University degree. I graduated in 2012 and have since worked in tourism and marketing. I got married in 2015 in Sicily to a man called Salvo. He will be working behind the scenes but you can get a glimpse of him on our YouTube channel later on.


Travelling is what I live for. Although this is a travel blog, my main focus is on experiencing the Finnish lifestyle through travel. I share my top tips for your time in Finland even if it is for few days, weeks, months or indeed for a lifetime. Maybe you have never been to Finland but would like to learn more and maybe enjoy a piece of the lifestyle with me. My promise to you is to bring you exciting content with a twist. Make sure to subscribe to my blog as well as Rediscovering Finland on Instagram. We also have a YouTube channel launching in early May.

Welcome to my Finnish Life!



3 thoughts on “Welcome to Rediscovering Finland

  1. OMG I am SO happy to have found your blog. I am an American Irish Italian-Sicilian and I’m moving to Norway. I hope to visit Sicily within a few years with my husband who is Norwegian. I want him to see that things I do aren’t so weird- especially eating fish and pasta! Welcome to WordPress!


    1. Hi Stiina, I’m glad you have found my blog. Feel free to make any suggestions of topics that interest you 🙂

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